Experience the ScrubKitchen difference, making commercial kitchen cleaning simple and effective.

ScrubKitchen’s commercial kitchen cleaning services, provide your business with a wide range of solutions that ensure a high level of kitchen hygiene and maintenance while facilitating compliance with health standards.

Food service businesses have strict rules surrounding the standard of hygiene that is required to reduce the risk of contamination. ScrubKitchen services are designed to cater to each specific area within the kitchen, ensuring compliance and peace of mind that the risk of contamination is being managed in an environmentally friendly manner. ScrubKitchen services include deep cleaning, extractor fan and ventilation cleaning and grease trap cleaning.

Our Companies

ScrubCan Inc. operates four different brands for the cleaning needs of our customers; ScrubCan, ScrubSolar, ScrubFleet, and ScrubKitchen. We are committed to providing the highest quality service in an environmentally conscious way. Founded in Fresno we proudly service residents in Fresno and Clovis and businesses throughout the Central Valley of California.


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